Having open windows in your home in the summertime is great. When it is a hot day and you can get that cool fresh breeze blowing through your house, it is a great relief. But what if you have children in your home? Just the possibility that your child could fall out of a window is enough to make you worry. The problem is, children can be quick and curious, making it dangerous to have windows open.

Does this mean that parents can’t keep their windows open? Not at all, but you will need to take some precautions. First, you shouldn’t leave a very young child alone in a room with an open window. Having sturdy bug screens installed in windows will also help somewhat, but these aren’t built to carry the weight of a child, so they shouldn’t be relied on as a sole protection. If there is an option to only open the top half of the window, this could work for younger children, especially if there is no way for them to climb up to reach.

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