The first step is to find the right home inspector for the job. Your real estate agent will usually refer a home inspector. However, your friends, family, or coworkers can help you find well-qualified candidates. Do your own online search for reviews and experiences when contemplating their suggestions.

Once you have a few qualified referrals you can now filter them out by asking them a few questions about their services. For example:

  1. Are they properly licensed and insured?
  2. Can I get a sample home inspection report?
  3. What does the inspection include?
  4. Can I attend her home inspection?

Once you’ve narrowed your choice down to the right home inspector you will need to sign a pre-inspection agreement. This agreement will detail everything covered during the home inspection process.

Most home inspections will take about 2 1/2 to 4 hours on site. An older home might take longer. The report should be available within 24 hours.

If the report looks good and the home is in good shape then you can move towards your closing. But if the report has findings of problems then you’ll have to consider your options. Some options might include asking the seller to lower their price, or requesting they fix some of the issues reported on the inspection.

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