Looking for ways to help lower your energy costs and make your home warmer? There are a few simple weatherization steps that can help. One is weatherizing your doors. Yes, this simple step can help make a difference in your monthly energy bill.

Weatherizing your doors is very simple and easy. Weatherstrip is an effective means of keeping the cold air out and letting the warm air stay in. Weatherstripping should be applied to clean, dry surfaces. In addition, you want to measure the weatherstrip twice before you cut it. And apply it snugly against surfaces. Be sure the weatherstripping is thick enough to press tightly between the door and the door jam. But, remember not so thick that it’s hard to close the door properly.

It’s also essential just like with the windows to caulk around the door. Caulk only around the movable parts of the door or places where the door might have a crack.

Installing draft guards at the bottom of the door is a wonderful way to weatherize doors and prevent heat from escaping underneath the door. Using these low-cost weatherizing tips can lower utility bills throughout the year. Look for ways to use the tips today.

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