You may already have a bird feeder in your yard, yet many of us don’t realize just how much impact they make. Of course, they make an impact on us as viewers, allowing us to observe nature up-close with pleasant sounds. This can be a powerful relaxation tool, giving us a way to unwind and connect with nature. But feeders have an even bigger effect on the birds themselves.

While bird feeders create a food supply all year, at certain times of the year when the population is growing, feeders can help parent birds to stay closer to their chicks. Without having to leave for long times in search of sustenance, the parents are able to keep their chicks safer and well-fed. Generally, birds that grow near a consistent food supply are stronger and healthier, giving the young chicks a far higher chance of survival.

Feeders are especially helpful to birds who don’t migrate in the winter. Food sources become scarce in colder months, but feeders can keep the birds sustained until their natural food sources start to blossom again