There is nothing children enjoy more in their summer vacation than to spend hours of the day splashing and playing in a swimming pool.  While we want children to have fun in a pool, safety is of the utmost importance, especially if you have a swimming pool in your yard.  Sad to say, many children die from drowning accidents each year with many of these deaths occurring before anyone was aware the child was missing.  What are some safety measures that should be in place so that a child cannot access a backyard pool without proper supervision?

A very important safety precaution should be to have some type of swimming pool barrier.  While these barriers come in various forms such as fencing or walls for example, their purpose is to prevent a child from accessing the pool.  This means that they should prevent a child from climbing over, under or even through (in the case of fencing) the barrier.

Exterior walls of a home can act as a pool barrier, but attention should be given to any doors that provide access to the pool.  While they can and should be kept locked, a further safety precaution is to install an alarm on the doors which activates when they are opened.  The alarm sound should be loud enough and distinguishable enough to be easily noticed by anyone in the house.  In this way, it would be difficult for a child to exit the home unnoticed.

Pool safety barriers are not just for in-ground pools, but care must be taken to ensure above ground pools and even hot tubs and spas have safety measures in place so that no child can access the water unsupervised.

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