Having an outdoor space on a balcony for dining or relaxing is wonderful, but often being outside can bring extreme heat or wind even on pleasant days. This can quickly cause discomfort, affect the temperature of the meal, or cause napkins to blow all over. But there is a way to still enjoy the outside atmosphere without these downsides, and that is sliding shades.

Sliding shades are large panels designed to shade from the sun and block the wind. They are usually fitted on a floor rail so that they can be easily repositioned as the weather changes, or if they are needed elsewhere on the balcony. They are relatively inexpensive to install when compared with other solutions such as blinds, and they are far simpler to maintain and quicker to set up than umbrellas.

Their only downside is that once they are installed, they cannot simply be packed away when not in use. But if your balcony has space at its edges to store them away from the view, sliding shades are an excellent tool to improve the use of your outdoor space.