In the past, we’ve spoken about PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when it comes to protecting yourself from chemicals, power-tools, and falls, but in the current COVID-19 pandemic, the sole focus on PPE has been how it protects you and those you love from the virus. Sadly, early on in the outbreak, some decided to buy way more of face masks and surgical gloves than they needed, and some unscrupulous individuals bought them with the intent of price gouging. Fortunately, there have been some measures put in place to minimize the impact this has on the situation by limiting the number of items that people are allowed to buy.

PPE is only going to protect you if you use it properly, however.

Taking off gloves that might have gotten contaminated should be done carefully so as not to touch the outside with your bare hands. A facemask will only protect if it seals properly around your face, and is worn with the straps not crossing each other.

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