Bugs in the garage can range from a minor annoyance to major financial loss. Nobody wants to work in a garage with flies, mice, or roaches. These pests can ruin your belongings by chewing and nesting in them. Here are a few tips on reducing the pest’s reasons for coming into your garage in the first place.

  • Food, water, nesting opportunities, and light. If you get rid of these attractions that are most of your battle.
  • Clean up – Bugs love to make their home with plenty of hiding spaces. Get rid of the clutter, sweep the floor, and remove any spider webs.
  • Block Entrances – Replace any broken weatherstripping on your garage doors and check the caulking around all windows to stop insects.
  • Look for Leaks – Don’t leave any open water containers and clean up any spills. Prevent bugs by fixing any drainage issues around the foundation and verify there are no leaking pipes in the walls.
  • Get Rid of Food Sources – Keep pet foods and grass seed in airtight containers. No free lunch here.
  • Close the Door to Mice. Keep your garage mice-free by keeping it clean and having things stored up off the floor. Keep everything sealed tightly in plastic tubs so they won’t chew their way in.
  • Keeping your garage clean and free from other insects will help control the spider population. If you notice webs, sweep them out and tackle the bugs they are after.