What’s the best way to make your kid’s childhood memorable and fun-filled? Building a treehouse. A treehouse doesn’t have to be a dream for your child anymore. You can build one yourself but keep a few things in mind.

  • Choose your treehouse design before cutting the wood. Before you cut any wood think about the features you and your children would like to have in the treehouse. Plan a design for the space considering the strength and size of the tree you have in your backyard.
  • Choose an ideal site and sturdy tree. The tree you are picking should be sturdy enough to carry the weight of the entire dwelling. 
  • Consider a suitable method to support the treehouse. Go with the method that will carry the weight of the treehouse for a longer time. There are mainly two types of treehouse supporting methods one is a rigid framework and the other is a floating framework.
  • Bolting structure to the tree. Finally, you must consider how you’re going to joy your house together with the tree. Remember trees don’t like nails and screws nailing a tree will decrease its life. Instead of using nails and screws use both envelopes to attach the treehouse with the tree.

Following these tips when building your treehouse will ensure you enjoy your treehouse for years to come.

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