You might think that when you turn on your faucet, the pressure you get is what you have to settle for, but this is seldom the case. While there are many different factors that can play into the pressure in your pipes, there are things that can be done to adjust it, and in some instances, it would actually be important to do so. Water pressure that is too high could do damage to your pipes over time, so you should get it adjusted as soon as possible.

The recommended pressure in a home is around 50 psi. As mentioned before, however, factors such as elevation in comparison to the water source, distance to the water source, and other things can make it so the pressure in the pipes in your home is higher or lower.

While low pressure usually won’t be harmful to your pipes and appliances, it could make everyday life frustrating.

The quickest and simplest solution might already be available in your home. A pressure regulator is made to adjust the pressure in your home, and if it is set incorrectly, or if it is failing, you might have the wrong pressure in your home.