Can you prevent wildfires? Maybe not. But can you help protect your home in a wildfire? Absolutely! Making sure your home has defensible space is one of the most important things you can do to protect your home.

If you maintain defensible space you remove or reduce the amount of fuel near your home. This can slow or even stop a fire from reaching your home.  Defensible space also allows room for fire trucks to surrond your home.  If you have a water source near by, be sure that there is clear access to it from the defensible space.

Keep in mind, most states have their own laws about defensible space.  In general, you will probably want three zones.  The first zone immediately surrounds your home.  This should be wide enough for a fire truck, usually about fifteen feet.  There shouldn’t be any fuel, not even stacked firewood.  The next zone is about 100 feet around your house.  There really shouldn’t be a lot of fuel here. Trees should be spread out and well maintained. Get rid of any dead plants and low hanging tree branches. The last zone, anything beyond the second zone, can be left natural.

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