A steady drip from the faucet keeps you up at night and is a constant reminder of a leak. But leaks don’t always play out like this and can sometimes be less obvious. So aside from the obvious signs like an overflowing toilet or a slow-draining sink, how can I tell if I’m dealing with a leak?

Here are a few surefire ways to know:

  • Unusually high water bill. Water bills are normally consistent from month to month.  A spike in your water bill is a good indicator of a leak in your home. Unless you’re hosting house guests or filling up a large pool.
  • The sound of running water. If you are hearing water running The first step should be to check your faucets, toilet valve, and outdoor spigots. 
  • Take an exact meeting on your water meter and don’t use the water for a few hours. Then take another reading. If there has been no change that means water is not running. If the reading has changed this indicates that water is indeed flowing and you have a leak.
  • Foul odors at home can indicate mold and mildew. If you think the odor is leak-related check it out immediately.
  • Wall cracks. Over time even the smallest cracks in the foundation of your home can compromise the entire structure. If you see a vertical or diagonal crack in your walls this could indicate a water leak.
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