While we are probably aware of what steps to take to be prepared for a storm, what about after the event?  For example, if your home is flooded, what should you do immediately after you return to it?  Here are a few guidelines:

  • Its important to be extra cautious when entering a home after it has flooded as you don’t know what awaits you.  The flood might have damaged the home structurally, so look for signs of this such as possible ceiling or floor collapse.


  • The electrical system in the home could be damaged and while, in the case of a hurricane, the whole neighborhood might be without power, its still important to make sure the electricity is turned off in your own home.  If you will have to stand in water to access the circuit breaker though, seek the advice of a professional electrician first. Do not take any risks.


  • A flooded home is not just filled with water but all types of muck and debris which includes sewage.  This will mean that many household items will contain harmful bacteria.  Clear as much as you can out of the home.  Some items such as mattresses etc. will most likely need to be thrown away due to the bacteria in them.


  • Throw away all food and drink items that may have been contaminated by flood water.  Anything you are not sure about should be thrown out as well, its not worth the risk.


  • Before entering the home, make sure you have the proper attire.  This would include sturdy footwear and breathing masks.


  • As strange as it may seem, there is a great risk of fire after a flood.  This is due to furnaces and electrical appliances being under water.  Watch out also for gas leaks and chemical spills.


We hope you are not affected by flooding in your home, but if it does happen, its good to have these reminders.

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