Moisture problems are headaches for homeowners no matter where they are located. The purpose of the vapor barrier it’s to help prevent water vapor from reaching walls, ceilings, attics, crawl spaces, or roofs. Water can condense and cause building materials to rot or grow mold.

A true vapor barrier is one that completely prevents moisture from passing through its material. The question most homeowners are asking is do I need a vapor barrier?

Most authorities recommend vapor barriers in certain situations:

  • In vapor barriers in areas with high humidity. Greenhouses, rooms with spas, swimming pools, and bathrooms, are all areas where vapor barriers are recommended.
  • Very hot and humid climates benefit from an exterior vapor barrier that keeps outside humidity from penetrating into walls.
  • Crawlspaces benefit from a moisture barrier placed directly over the exposed earth.
  • Vapor barriers need to be installed on the side of the wall that experiences hotter temperature and moist conditions.

Depending on the area where your house is dwelling will determine whether a vapor barrier is needed.

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