Green is the color of life! And when you’re stuck inside all day, a simple plant can make all the difference in the world. Plants not only are aesthetically pleasing, even calming, but they provide something we need in an enclosed space. Clean air. Green walls, or biowalls, can do this on a larger scale.

When designed to work with an HVAC system, a green wall can purify the air within a building to the point that the need for outside air could be limited or even eliminated. The plants leaves transform carbon dioxide into oxygen. This keeps us feeling alert when breathing the recycled air. However, the plants can do more than that. The roots of the plants can actually remove harmful VOCs from the air.

Proper design is essential. Poorly built systems can attract pests. Roots can damage building elements. Poor drainage can cause moisture problems. Systems that use grey water can introduce other health problems as well.

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