The toilet, this is not a feature of our home that we usually spend much time thinking about, if it stops working, however, it results in chaos for the household.  So, what are some things we can do to keep this essential part of the home in good working order?

Considering how much they are used, toilets don’t malfunction that often.  While they may look like they are simply designed, the fact is that they are actually more complex than you think.  Each part needs to be working properly in order to function.  One area that you should check is the toilet bowl.  Look for chips or damage to the porcelain, you might not be aware of this, but a home inspector would mark a toilet as defective if they find damage like that.

To make sure a toilet is working correctly, a simple test can be performed.  Start by flushing each toilet in the house, observe how long they take to fill up again, if it’s a long time then there may be an issue with it.  This might be the case if they take a long time to flush also.

Sometimes we can get used to a toilet’s defects without realizing, for example, is the toilet continuously running?  Without being aware of it, this could be costing you quite a bit of money.  Even if the house uses private well water, you are wasting water as well as causing damage to the pump.


On average, a person will use the toilet about 2500 times a year.  That means that for the average household, this small feature of the home is used thousands of times each year.  With that in mind then, its easy to see the importance of regular and proper maintenance of our toilets.

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