Why would you want to build a mud house? Adobe (coming from a Middle Egyptian word for “mud brick”) construction is a resurgence in new construction. Not only do many find them aesthetically pleasing, but they also very green. Some sources suggest that adobe requires less than 1/150th of the energy needed to make Portland cement. They also provide good insulation, keeping heating and cooling costs down. Their density provides significant soundproofing. And they’re even resistant to fire.

Adobe bricks are often manufactured on the building site using existing clay. It’s usually a good idea to make a few test bricks to make sure the existing clay will successfully make bricks. These bricks will usually be fortified, or stabilized, with certain additives like asphalt. This not only make the bricks more durable but is necessary if using cement as mortar. Cement, being more resilient to deterioration than adobe without additives will cause adobe to deteriorate even faster.

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