Are you dealing with smells in your bathroom? We’re not talking about the ones that you deal with when it is in use, but rather funky smells that never seem to go away. Some homeowners have found that it is difficult for them to get a fresh-smelling bathroom, and here are a few possible reasons why.

Mold – This is a very common issue in bathrooms and one that should be prevented at all costs. To remove mold, a bleach solution can be very useful, and for prevention, you should avoid letting wet items or spills sit on the floor for any period of time.
Sewer gas – While this gas usually is kept out of your bathroom by the water sitting in the p-trap, sometimes the p-trap malfunctions or, in cases where the drain isn’t used in a long time, the water evaporates. Running water through the sink will often fix the smell issue.

Stale air – A lot of the smells in your bathroom can be removed by the ceiling fan, but if this isn’t working properly, you might be stuck with stale, smelly air. Get the fan repaired or upgraded for the best effect.

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